quinta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2013


Another year is coming to an end.
I don't know what happened in the last few months... time seems to have gone around me without me realizing it. It just... flew.
My son is now taller than me (I'm average height but it seems he'll take after his Tai). His shoes look like small dinghies and might progress to yachts.


Another year is coming to an end and I did not do many of the things I thought about doing.
You know how it is, "life is what happens while you're making other plans" and life kept happening and happening and happening and plans went down the drain.


Another year is coming to an end and I still haven't got much to show for.
All I can say is that I'm living, learning, teaching, growing and nurturing.
Being a woman, being a mom, being a professional.
Being human.

Kids are grown up - or about to. I find myself talking to my son about serious questions: organ donation, sexism, domestic violence and abuse, alcohol, teen pregnancy, career choices.
I hear what he has to say and try not to impose my POV but rather make him think thoroughly about what we're discussing. Sometimes we go back to a conversation after a few days, after he had a while to let it sink in, and we discuss it again. We grow together (he grows up & I grow old).
My daughter is a bright young woman (already?!) who knows what she wants even if sometimes she needs help on figuring how to get there. She is thoughtful, considerate, warm, funny and a fierce defender of her loved ones and every thing she deems right and worthy.

Yep, I love my kids. A lot.


If my life is to be measured someday and I have nothing to show for but my children... well, I take pride in saying they are decent human beings on the process of becoming better ones. And that's a lot more than many people can say for themselves.