terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

To be or not to be a girl

Tomboys walk close to the frontier between guys and girls.
Nature says they're girls, parents say they're girls, but they don't like pinkish stuff, dresses, dolls, princesses and the likes. They feel far more comfortable playing soccer, climbing trees, riding bikes or skateboards with the boys.
The girls look at them sideways, the boys consider them one of their own.

Until biological changes start to happen.

Like it or not, tomboys are girls. They have feelings, they fall in love just like the rest of them.
The problem is that, by then, they come to the very frontier itself: other girls dislike them, they have little or no one to confide, no BFF to turn to - and guys don't talk about those things with one another.

Some tomboys are actually pretty and develop into goodlooking young women, which makes it even worse on the "other girls" front (yeah, we can be jealous bitches sometimes). Some guys begin to notice them as girls, which can be quite confusing when you have no one to talk to... but the worst of all is that very frequently tomboys fall for one of their closest friends. Not that there is anything wrong with the fact itself: people spending a lot of time together become close and it can happen, no matter the age. The problem is that, most likely, that guy who happens to be a close friend, has never seen her as a girl. It's not a question of finding her unattractive; it´s just that, as I said, she has always been considered one of the guys and he won't look at her differently.
No matter how hard she tries, the chemistry will not appear out of thin air, the fires will not ignite. It can be her first and biggest crush - and her first and biggest heartbreak.

It can be hard when you're a growing teen, even when the tomboy is a pretty girl who will eventually find a guy out of her friends' circle.

Now imagine a homely tomboy after growing up - with male friends who don't see her as a woman, with her own feminine feelings and needs.

Yeah... we still fall, sometimes badly.
Hurts all the same, believe me.
I got the scars to prove it.

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