segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2012


I am writing as I process things, one after the other - like I said I would.

I'd really love that you would read all of this, so you'd know why I had to walk away when I did; but I know you won't, solidly anchored in your own stubbornness, the one thing in which you can claim (and win, hands down) to be stronger than me.

The truth is, if you would show up on my doorstep I would call upon your bluff and you'd have to stand for what you once said (you claim to know everything, but I do remember everything - well, the stuff worth remembering, of course).

Oh, wait! That has already happened!
And you just hid behind excuses.

(Yet I believe in 2nd chances, and that the only way to prove a theory is to demonstrate it).

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